iAngler Mobile Apps

Angler Action mobile applications allow you to log in the catch info while on the move.To get started with the Mobile Apps, you will need to download them from the iTunes (iPhone & iPad) and Google Play (Android). Links are available here

Once the download completes and you install the application, you will see an icon for iAngler. Tap the icon to get started.

Splash Screen

When you download the iAngler app, the first thing you will see is the ‘Splash Screen’. While you see the Splash Screen, the iAngler application is being prepared for your use. It could take a few seconds for this screen to go away. Please be patient.

Login Screen

This screen asks you for your Angler Action username and password. If you are already registered on the AnglerAction.org website, you can use the same username and password combination.

If you are not registered, you can click on the Register button and you will be prompted a quick form with which you can register yourself.

If you would like to reset your password, you can use the "Forgot Password" buttton to reset the same. Password reset happens from the Angler Action site itself.


If this is the first time you are logging in, you will see a message saying you are using the app for the first time and need to ‘Synchronize’. The app will spend a few minutes (depending on your network speed) downloading the latest information from angleraction.org. When synchronization is complete, the Angler Action Home menu will appear.

Home Menu

This screen will help you move around and do a host of things.

We suggest you first try, Add New Trip – if you haven’t been fishing recently, create an imaginary trip, you can delete later.

To complete your trip record, you will pass through 3 data collection screens, Trip – Location – and Catch.

Options to add more information, take photos, and post to FB or Twitter, will be provided .

Later, when you have entered a trip, you will want to ‘synchronize trips’ by pressing the green bar at the bottom of the Home screen. This will add your new trip record to your existing trip records in your account at www.angleraction.org. Syncing will also make your stored trips, available on AnglerAction.org, viewable through your app.

Add New Trip

In the Add New Trip Screen, you will name your trip, county of embarkation, the number of anglers fished, type and time spent fishing, and affiliation, if any.

Affiliation Drop Down
Choosing an affiliation includes your data for this trip in a subgroup. Your fishing club, fishing tournament, or a special research project may be chosen. You can change affiliations each trip, or choose none.

Zero Catch Trip
If you caught no fish please record the number of hours fished and comment '0 catch'. Then identify the location and the primary species you were targeting, using the location and catch screens. Thanks for taking the time!

Add Location

In the Add New Location Screen, you will name your fishing location. You have the option of providing GPS coordinates and descriptive info in ‘comments’, or not.

This feature serves to differentiate catches from multiple locations and depths in one trip. You can record as many locations and catches in one trip as you wish.

Add Catch Screen

In the Add Catch Screen, you will record your catch for one species of fish. To identify your catch, you first choose a fish family (such as Snook) and then the type or species of fish (such as Common Snook).

Record the number of fish caught, kept and released. If the fish have a slot or minimum size, sort the quantities caught in relation to the slot or minimum.

Always record your catch. You don’t have to ‘boat’ a fish to record it as a catch. A leader touch will do.

While on the Add Catch Screen, if in doubt, use the ‘View Image’ option at the bottom of the screen to be sure of the fish i.d.

Summary - Locations/Catch

Here you will see your catch displayed by species:
US: Under Slot
IS: In Slot
OS: Over slot
C: Caught
K: Kept
R: Released

Use the green Add Catch Record button to add catch data on as many species as you catch.

Use the Big + (Plus) at top right to add more locations.

You can add more fishing locations, catch records and photos, as your day progresses, and when Done, click the button on the bottom right.

By clicking 'More' button, you can add more detail about this catch, such as lengths, weight, condition upon release or photos.

Edit Release/Kept Screen

Released Lengths and other details about released fish are especially important for better understanding of whole fish populations and studies of release survival. It is better to provide whatever info you have. For instance, if you have just one length to report – don’t feel bad about leaving the rest blank!

The Kept screen is for recording length and weight of Kept (Harvested) Fish.

Click Submit to save your entries.


To take photos, choose Pictures from the More options via your Locations Screen.

Taking Photos within the app is a snap, and you can easily add captions too.

You will be able to share these photos, with your trip summary using the Facebook and Tweet functions . Remember that green button on the Home Page? Use it to synchronize your records first.