22MAR2020 Trip

Sarasota County, Florida
0 Hrs 3 Mins
4 Anglers
Gulf Red Snapper
From Boat
From Boat

could barely get a bait to to the bottom without catching American Red Snapper. Released all of them. Stopped at three locations & all are the same, lots of red snapper. Where did all the Mangrove snapper go?

Summary of "22MAR2020 Trip"
Given below are the details about the trip.

Log Type Family Species Depth Caught Kept Released Pictures
Snappers Red snapper 151-300 1 0 1

Trip related Charts


Hooked At

0 Eyes
1 Jaw
0 Throat
0 Gill
0 Body
0 Gut
Release Condition
1Swam Away Straight/Fast
0Swam Away Slowly, Lost Balance
0Eaten by Predator at release
0Eaten by Predator during retrieve
0Released with Decompression Device (Descending)
0Released after Venting
0Used re-compression Device

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